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String Project is an Italian brand born to have performing products and at the same time not harmful for the arm of the players.

After 2 years of testing, the first models of strings are produced, which will see a further improvement in the production phase, making them definitive precisely when the company is launched and when the brand is born.


Improve your Tennis. Improve the tennis of those who play with our strings! We are convinced that the string adapted to the needs of the player can significantly improve his performance, which is why we are constantly searching for and constantly improving our strings.

Another fundamental aspect of our project is related to joint protection so as to create “Arm Friendly” strings.

… Improve your Tennis


We design our products and make them based on Quality – Performance – Identity – Protection.

Quality is ensured by the use of latest generation materials and compounds, among the best in circulation, through numerous thermal fasteners, which improve their properties over time, and high-profile workmanship, rigorously Made in Austria.

Performance is the most important aspect in our strings. We create every single model already thinking about the dynamic characteristic, identity and performance that it must possess. Everything is developed around an ideal string to be obtained as a final product. Power, control, rotations, whatever you are looking for, you will find your ideal string.

Identity is what characterizes our products. No string resembles the other, all have unique and defined characteristics, to satisfy the different needs of tennis players. Each string has its main peculiarity, more pronounced than the others. Power, control or rotations? There is a string for everything.

Protection is primary, we exclusively develop strings that know how to protect the joints from impact shocks. None of the proposed products has excessive rigidity and all have materials, capable of dampening the vibrations harmful to the arm. Our strings are Arm-Friendly.


We use the best technologies available on the market. First quality materials, different chemical processes and 3 thermal passages to stabilize the materials and have a string with a medium low rigidity and high performance.

Moreover our strings are finished with a liquid wax so as to have a lower friction and a longer duration.

… feel the difference.

Braided Core

Thanks to the "braided core" we are able to obtain a uniform elasticity and a high resistance capacity.


Thanks to the "pre-stretch" of the core the entire rope minimizes the loss of tension and at the same time, this allows to reduce the stringing tension.

Power Ribbons

We use Ribbons in "polypropylene" and "polyamide" wrapped with different layers of thickness so that they overlap and are diametrically opposed, thus simulating the structure of a "natural gut" string.

Multiple Heating

"Heat treatments" eliminate internal stresses and smooth out any irregularities in the rope. It also makes the strings more flexible and elastic.

Liquid Wax

Once manufacture is complete the string is refined with a layer of wax. This layer simplifies stringing the racquet and significantly extends the life of the string itself by reducing wear.

Spring Load

This technology enables the molecule chains of a monofile string to contract again, resulting in minimal tension loss and increased stability of playing properties as well as increased arm protection.

Low Friction

The reduction in rope friction offers: reduced string movement, greater potential spin thanks to greater snap back, and a longer duration.


arm friendly

High output and arm safety are combined in a single product. All of the brand’s strings have been created with the player’s joints and the general comfort of their use in mind.

A contained delivering frequency, elastomers to protect the player from the impact, even on the more professional products, is what we offer to answer to aficionados’ needs, to only think about playing the game without the fear of getting hurt.

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