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Test Box Basic

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With the Basic Test Box you can try all the models at an affordable price.

Select the caliber you prefer for each strings

95,30 44,90

This Product is worth 44 Punti!

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The Test Box Basic includes a set of each model with the calibers of your choice:

1 set of Magic (1,26mm – 1,30mm – 1,35mm)

1 set of Hexa Pro (1,20mm – 1,25mm)

1 set ofi Armour (1,25mm – 1,32mm)

1 set of Armour Soft (1,24mm – 1,29mm)

1 set of Rocket (1,25mm – 1,30mm)

1 set of Keen (1,13mm – 1,18mm)

1 set of Gold (1,25mm – 1,30mm)

1 Overgrip Professional Dry 0,55mm

1 Damper